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Elevate Your Life with Evelyn Kelly

Oct 28, 2021

I am so excited to share this incredible podcast episode with you all, where I interview Jaci Rogash about healing from trauma.

Jaci Rogash is a Certified Transformation & Mindset Coach who works with game-changers. The big hearted women who have experienced trauma or significant adversity in the past that still impacts the way they live their lives today.   

With 11 years experience working in trauma enforced roles, dealing with sexual assaults, family violence, mental health, grief and much more, Jaci now empowers her clients, to move through their self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear of judgement and unhealthy subconscious patterns so they can discover a genuine happiness they’ve never known, reignite their inner spark and ultimately discover their true self. 


Jaci shares:

  • What trauma is
  • About her own personal experiences of trauma
  • What has been supportive for her healing and what she recommends to others
  • Some of the common blocks she sees that hold us back
  • Where to start if you’re starting your own healing journey.



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Podcast: Your True Self 

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